New Trends in Eco-Tourism

As Ecotourism is on the rise, people are looking for more ways to add meaning to their travels and simultaneously lower their carbon footprint. Sustainable travel is in most demand by the millennial generation and hotels, resorts and travel companies are beginning to accommodate these needs already since the last few years.

Of course there are still those who like to go out and splurge in all-you-can-eat/consume/waste vacations, however a new level of consciousness is giving way to minimising impact and actually doing something more constructive with time. Retreats that are more integrated with nature, offering farm-to-table meals and interaction with guests on sustainable tasks are proving to be quite successful. So perhaps on your next trip, instead of eating apple pies you’ll be planting apple trees!

Here are a few links to some progressive Eco-retreats in Europe:

Eco-Resort Pedras Salgadas

Cottage Lodge

For other great options on Eco-Travel, check out our Travel section through this link!

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